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A digital design canvas for the agile organization.

Create A Digital

Modeling with Post-Its is great, but they’re not great for longevity?
How do we capture the insights and iterate as new ideas come up?
How do we share what we learned?

StoryStream lets you capture the moment, the learning and share it with others in the organization.


The distributed nature of modern organizations makes it expensive and impractical to have all the people we’d like to have in the same room. StoryStream allows you to involve everyone you want to regardless of location. They may be in the same room, building or half-way around the world.

Iterate your

As with most things, the first draft of your model or product design won’t be perfect. Better to let the ideas percolate and build on them over time. StoryStream allows you to iterate and then share your ideas allowing them to add their ideas to yours. Synergies and brilliance ensue and soon your clients and bosses are singing your praises.

StoryStream cards
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Take a control of your
service or API.

StoryStream is the Rosetta Stone you need to create alignment, shared understanding and the communication mechanisms to understand and evolve your products.

The growth of the API economy and the sheer amount of legacy code and the number of plugins and integrations in today’s systems means that every system is complex. Add to this, the fact that each team within the company speaks it’s own language making it challenging for there to be a holistic understanding of the system. If all of the teams working on the product don’t understand it fully, how are they supposed to change, grow or transform it. StoryStream is the Rosetta Stone you need to create alignment, shared understanding and the communication mechanisms to understand and evolve your products. It will get teams on the same page and keep them there throughout the project.

  • Create A Digital Artefact

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A powerful tool to drive

  • Learn & Practice
  • Build your skills & confidence designing modern systems. With StoryStream, you’ll be a pro in no time as the app guides you to think, speak and model in microservices terms.

  • Design
  • Whether with your colleagues or on your own, design features or whole systems. StoryStream makes it fun and easy to include others (even if they’re not in the same city) and then share the results.

  • Build
  • Once you’ve designed your system it’s time to build it. Use StoryStream as a guide so that all of the teams involved stay on the same page for the duration of the project. Use it to set priorities & track progress.

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Why StoryStream?

StoryStream is inspired by a modelling approach called event storming which is listed on the ThoughtWorks Radar as the only technique to adopt in 2019 – and many companies are adopting it. We were early adopters of the technique and have since used it on every project we’ve done in the past 3 years. We are now among the most experienced event stormers in the world. This is also why we felt confident building the product and inspired to make it available for others to use.

Eventstorming with StoryStream keeps the conversation at just the right level. Detailed enough to provide clarity but high-level enough so that everyone can contribute. Get aligned in what you’re building, why you are building it and how to build it – without getting into technical details before they are needed.

You’ll come away with deep business insight and teams that are aligned through enhanced communication and collaboration. You’ll never want to use another approach again.

Different Ways Of StoryStreaming

You can use StoryStream in a variety of ways – all of which add value.

  • Use Post-Its on the wall and then capture your model in StoryStream so that you can save, change and share it.
  • Have someone (us or another firm) facilitate for you on site with Post-Its on the wall or directly into StoryStream
  • A remotely facilitated session
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Cross-Functional Insights

StoryStream promotes communication and alignment.

  • Product Executive
  • Responsible for the P&L of their product and want to ensure success knowing that all teams involved are on the same page throughout the project.

  • Technical Leaders
  • Use StoryStream to set priorities, plan and execute the development of the product delivery.

  • Project Managers
  • Responsible for keeping the delivery of projects on track.

Desired Outcomes

What happens when you use StoryStream

  • Strategic
  • A high-level pass through the current or future system

  • Tactical
  • A lower-level, more granular dive into individual systems

  • Operational / Implementation
  • Take what you’ve done at the tactical level and set priorities, use it for sprint planning and parallelization of work.

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