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Goodbye Webeventstorming. Hello StoryStream! has been the go-to web based event storming tool of choice for a lot of people for the last two years. After thousands of event stormings and a lot of “now it makes sense” moments for microservices designers, UX folks and product creators it’s time for the next evolution.

Event Storming Language: A Five Minute Intro

TL;DR. Go to StoryStream and try the example. We use a simple and (as it turns out after a year or two of using various versions of it in Real Life) easy to learn convention for representing event stormings as text.

Storystreaming by Example: Event Storming a Bike Sharing App

Early-morning cold rain darkness misery. Walk to the coffee shop or … look, is that a bike share? SIGN UP, download the app RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW and GO.

Remote Event Storming: Distributed Teams. Same Headspace.

Why are you building an event storming app? We get this question a lot and, as entrepreneurs, Robert and I ask ourselves this question every day.

Event Storming: Lean Product Or Service Modelling For Current Or Future State

Event Storming is a lean, rapid prototyping methodology in which the process is as valuable as the outcome itself. As with anything labelled “lean” the idea is to try ideas out, iterate, change and create a business or product flow that you can show your boss, team or investors quickly.

Event Sourcing: "Should I Use One Eventstore per Service?"

The problem with having more than one event store: Ensuring events are in the right order. To reliably determine the current state of a system, the events which led to the state should be in the order in which they occurred.